Upgrade to the brand New MailArchiva V6

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We are pleased to announce the general availability of MailArchiva V6. This release brings significant improvements to the product. Some of your customers may have valid support contracts and may be eligible for an upgrade. When ready to upgrade a customer, sign-in to your account at https://www.mailarchiva.com. Click Licenses in left menu. Click the license ID column. Assuming the option is available, click Upgrade to upgrade the license.

What’s New V6

Archive/Backup To Object Storage

object storage in the cloud has many advantages, including vast scalability, redundancy, and availability. MailArchiva now supports archiving and backup to Blackblaze B2, Amazon S3/Glacier, EMC Atmos, OpenStack Swift, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Archival Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files and Minio object storage services.

Email Authenticity/h3>

Where emails are used as evidence in a court of law, it is often beneficial to verify their authenticity and integrity. Nowadays many mail servers digitally sign emails for the purposes of combating spam. In certain situations, these same signatures can be used to establish the originating domain of email data, and whether or not the email data has been modified during transit from the originating domain to the recipient’s inbox. The authenticity reports include ARC, DKIM, SPF and SMIME signature checks.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication reduces the possibility of an attacker gaining access to an account. MailArchiva now offers two factor SMS authentication using Twilio as the service provider. This feature can also be adapted to satisfy the requirement that a supervisor approve access upon login by an auditor or administrator.

Performance Enhancements

MailArchiva’s queuing engine has been revamped for improved performance, throughput, and reduced CPU consumption.