Linux migration

Linux is trusted by the world’s leading organizations such as Google, McDonalds, New York Stock Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, NASA and many more. Linux powers more mobile devices, computers, network appliances and servers than any other operating system – it is stable and secure, and it generally costs less than Microsoft and UNIX offerings.
A migration of your information systems to Linux and Open Source software should definitely be high on your organization’s agenda as it will provide numerous benefits including the following:

Benefits of Linux

  • Freedom — no vendor lock-in.
  • Higher level of security.
  • Lower total cost of ownership — reduced software costs.
  • Less downtime of critical systems.
  • Vendor-backed Linux support – email and/or telephonic.

DcData provides expert services to analyze your company’s existing environment from beginning to end ranging from feasibility checks, impact assessments to infrastructure design, implementation and on-going dedicated support.

One of the most feared expressions in modern times is ‘The computer is down.’Norman Ralph Augustine

Security & auditing

DcData provides both ad-hoc and recurring vulnerability scanning, checks, assesments and reporting for compliance reporting. DcData’s LPI Security Specialization provides expert Linux Security services and our partnerships with leading security vendors such as Tenable, ESET, F-Secure and more provide vendor-backed and certified protection and assesment. DcData also works closely with leading legal firms to assist your organization with POPI Act compliance. In addition to security breach prevention, DcData also offers hack post portem analysis and lock-down.

Mikrotik configuration

  • Advanced Mikrotik configuration

  • Security auditing, firewalling and security services


When they first built the University of California at Irvine they just put the buildings in. They did not put any sidewalks, they just planted grass. The next year, they came back and put the sidewalks where the trails were in the grass. Perl is just that kind of language. It is not designed from first principles. Perl is those sidewalks in the grass.Larry Wall

Infrastructure design

DcData provides expert information systems design services ranging from network, security and servers to WAN and connectivity. Our experience with all technolgies including switching, LAN, MPLS, VPN, WAN, firewall, bandwidth shaping/QOS, load balancing, virtualisation, encryption, backups, Disaster Recovery etc. ensure that we are well placed to work with you in building your information platform.

It should be noted that no ethically-trained software engineer would ever consent to write a DestroyBaghdad procedure. Basic professional ethics would instead require him to write a DestroyCity procedure, to which Baghdad could be given as a parameter.Nathaniel S. Borenstein

Server support

DcData’s certified team of Linux experts provide the highest level of technical support 365 days a year. Backed by a helpdesk system with automatic escalation procedures, server health monitoring provide email and SMS notifications proactive support to prevent critical outages and increase uptime. DcData’s engineers have experience with all popular Linux and Open Source platforms including web, database, virtualization, information security, encryption, proxy, firewall, VOIP, load-balancing, advanced networking and much more, and are available to assist you.

Considering the current sad state of our computer programs, software development is clearly still a black art, and cannot yet be called an engineering discipline.William Jefferson Clinton

Custom development

DcData has experience with expert application design and programming to build scalable applications for mobile operators and enterprise. Our partnerships with Mobile Network Operators and various Wireless Application Service Providers allow us to provide IVR, SIP, USSD, SMS integration via APIs as well as premium-rated voice, SMS shortcode, voice broadcasting and bulk SMS services.

In addition to this DcData provides an advertising and captive portal platform to Internet service providers and corporates that intercepts users’ Internet browsing which insert adverts as well as providing user, device and usage statistics.