ZorinOS Is a Great Linux Desktop For Any User

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If there is one flavor of Linux that is best suited to help users transition from their current platform to Linux, I would have to go with ZorinOS. This conclusion might surprise a good number of Linux faithful. Why? Unlike most of the distributions claiming to hold sway of the “universal use,” ZorinOS doesn’t opt for the standard fare. Instead, ZorinOS offers its own desktop (aptly called Zorin Desktop). And, this pretty remarkable interface makes ZorinOS a great choice for new users, old users, and everything in-between.

Why? Because the Zorin Desktop can be easily reconfigured to look and feel like the desktop you are leaving behind. Is your platform of choice Windows 7 or XP? Zorin OS has you covered. If your prefered desktop is macOS, Unity, or GNOME 2, Zorin Ultimate can take care of you. If your interface of choice has been GNOME 3, Zorin Desktop can do that as well. Zorin Desktop is a veritable chameleon when it comes to change. With the Zorin Desktop, you can easily switch from a Windows 7/XP, macOS, Unity, or GNOME 2/3 interface — without having to install a single third-party piece of software.

It’s that Windows 7-like appearance that should attract new users. ZorinOS does one of the best jobs of mimicking Windows 7, than any other Linux desktop. So if you miss Windows 7, ZorinOS might be your next platform.

Let’s look at what Zorin OS offers that might make you want to flip the switch and finally either migrate to Linux or switch distributions.

The versions

It’s important to note that Zorin OS 12 is a complete rebuild from previous versions. Because of this, there may be bugs. Upon installation of Zorin OS Core, I’ve yet to experience a bug, but as with any major release, they will occur.

Zorin OS comes in three different flavors: Ultimate, Core, and Lite. Which version you select will depend on your hardware, how much software you want preinstalled, which desktop you want, and whether or not you require support.

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