Zorin OS 12.2 Released

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zorin os 12.2 released

Zorin Group recently announced the release of Zorin OS 12.2. It’s Ubuntu based operating system for both, beginners and advanced users. This version brings innovations from the Open Source community together with a familiar user interface, requiring nearly no learning curve for PC users.

What is New in Zorin OS 12.2?

Zorin OS 12.2 comes with improvements to the desktop and the underlying infrastructure, bringing a more powerful, faster and secure computing experience. Let us look at some of the key things that have been improved in this latest release.

1. Desktop Performance and Usability Enhancements

The Zorin development team has made improvements to the Zorin desktop, resulting in speed and stability optimizations that brings a much improved experience to the user interaction. The default desktop layout now allows users to hover over window previews in the panel in order to get a full-size peek so users can easily find exactly what they want. This results in a more intuitive experience for newcomers to the Zorin Desktop.

2. Better Windows App Support with Wine 2.0

One of the best features about Zorin is the awesome support of Windows apps with Wine and this has also been improved. The newest version of the Wine compatibility layer for Windows apps version 2.0 has been built into Zorin OS 12.2. So your Windows apps will run faster and you will enjoy better reliability than before. You can now run Microsoft Office 2013 with this release of Zorin OS so folks who use Zorin in the business world will appreciate a lot.

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