Want a Linux desktop on your Android phone? Samsung’s working on it

Jonathan MathewsPublic


Samsung is working on an app that lets users run a variety of Linux-based desktops on its Galaxy phones.

The Linux on Galaxy app works with the DeX, a dock that converts a Galaxy phone into a desktop PC when connected to a keyboard and mouse.

According to Samsung’s brief description, Linux on Galaxy will allow developers to use their favorite Linux distribution from a mobile. Whether it’s Debian or Ubuntu, the Linux-based desktop OS will run inside the app on Android, which itself has a Linux-based kernel.

Samsung hasn’t offered any details about how the app works or what the install process is like. Developers can already run Linux distributions on Android, but it requires installing several apps and rooting the device.

Actually using Linux on Galaxy will likely require DeX, given that Linux software and apps are designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard, with DeX also allowing developers to view their work on a larger display.

Samsung hasn’t set a release date for Linux on Galaxy and says it is still a work in progress, however, developers can sign up here for information about its availability.

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