Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Welcomes Unity Fans with New Mutiny Layout, Ships with Snaps

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 was released today as part of today’s Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) operating system, bringing six month’s worth of improvements and new features for fans of the MATE desktop environment.

For the Ubuntu MATE 17.10 release, Martin Wimpress and his team of skillfull developers managed to add lots of interesting goodies, starting with support for Snap apps integrated into the distribution and continuing with a new panel layout called Mutiny, dedicated to fans of the Unity 7 desktop.

That’s right, Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is the first to ship with a Snap app installed by default, namely pulse-mixer, a command-line tool for changing the volume of the PulseAudio sound system. As for Mutiny, it’s a very nice addition to the multitude of panel layouts offered by the distribution.

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