Tails 3 Offers Easy Anonymity for All

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Online privacy

If you’re seriously concerned about privacy, you want to ensure you’re doing all the right things and not leaving behind a trace of what you’ve browsed. There are many reasons for this—some good, some bad. I’d like to focus on the good (naturally). In the past few years, it has become clear that tracking web histories is not a myth. Businesses, governments—anyone with the skills can make use of your browsing history. That is the very reason why technology like Tor has recently gained popularity.

Users want to reclaim their anonymity.

That is where the likes of Tails comes in. Tails lays claim to “Privacy for anyone” and they make good on that claim with tools like:

  • Tor — Tails relies on the Tor anonymity network
  • Tor Browser — A browser that works seamlessly with Tor
  • Onion Circuits — A tool that lists the circuits used by Tor
  • OnionShare  —  Anonymously share files

By using all of the above, on top of a live-only distribution, Tails makes for a very anonymous experience. And because it all works together seamlessly, you don’t have to worry about certain dependent components (e.g., starting Tor before using Tor Browser). In fact, you can fire up Tails, open up Tor Browser and immediately go to the Tor Check site and see that your Tails instance is, in fact, configured to use Tor.

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