SUSE Studio merges with Open Build Service

Jonathan MathewsPublic

When SUSE first introduced SUSE Studio in 2010, it was a radical change. You could build your own Linux distribution without being a Linux expert. Today, we use custom Linux images inside containers, virtual machines (VM), and every cloud worth its name every day. So SUSE is updating SUSE Studio by merging it with its Open Build Service (OBS) to create a better tool for bundling packages with Linux distributions to deliver customized Linux images. The new product’s name will be SUSE Studio Express.

According to Andreas Jaeger, a SUSE project manager, this updated tool “can handle any kind of image.” Jaeger explained, “The default engine for building images at SUSE is kiwi and is used in both SUSE Studio and OBS. We have decided to merge the two online services into a common solution.”

The new SUSE Studio Express has the following features:

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