Supercomputers: All Linux, all the time

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Once more, if you want to run the fastest possible computer, the June 2018 TOP500 supercomputing ranking shows that Linux is the best of all operating systems. Every last one is running Linux.

Linux has dominated supercomputing for years. But, Linux only took over supercomputing lock, stock, and barrel in November 2017. That was the first time all of the TOP500 machines were running Linux. Before that IBM AIX, a Unix variant, was hanging on for dear life low on the list.

Looking forward, there’s no doubt that Linux will continue to rule supercomputing. There simply isn’t any competition.

If there were, Linux companies like Red Hat, will help Linux stay on top. Red Hat helped the new number one supercomputer, the US Department of Energy’s Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, “summit” the list by using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to run all of the supercomputer’s resources to run quickly and smoothly together.

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