RaspAnd Brings Android 7.1.2 Nougat to Your Raspberry Pi 3 with GAPPS, Kodi 18.0

Jonathan MathewsPublic

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton announced the release of a new build of his commercial RasnAnd project that lets users run Google’s Android mobile operating system on their Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computers.

RaspAnd Build 171019 is here to introduce support for installing the operating system from a GNU/Linux distribution as support for installing it from a Windows OS, using the win32 disk imager utility, is limited to 5GB of free space for storing files, no matter how big the SD card used is.

“Only about 5GB can be used as data storage no matter which card you use. I have therefore today uploaded a new version, which can be (must be) installed using a Linux system,” said Arne Exton in the release announcement. “The new system from 171019 is basically the same system as the RaspAnd system from 170805.”

Using this latest build, users will be able to use as much as 56GB free space for storing their files on RaspAnd when using a 64GB MicroSD card. Best of all, partitioning can be done using the popular and open-source Gparted partition editor, which is usually shipped with most GNU/Linux distributions.

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