Linux Kernel 4.14 LTS Delayed for November 12 as Linus Torvalds Announces 8th RC

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Well, it happened, after all, the Linux 4.14 LTS kernel series just received today the eight and last Release Candidate (RC) development snapshot, which delays the final release with one week.

Sad news today for those who have hoped to upgrade their GNU/Linux distributions to Linux kernel 4.14 LTS as Linus Torvalds announced a few moments ago the availability for testing of the eighth and last Release Candidate of the next long-term supported Linux kernel series, supported for the next six years.

The release of RC8 delays the final release of Linux kernel 4.14 LTS with a week. Of course, this also means that the merge window for the Linux 4.15 kernel series will be pushed into Thanksgiving week, which isn’t quite what Linus Torvalds expected as he’ll be on vacation with his family.

“This rc8 does mean that the latter half of the next merge window will be during the Thanksgiving week, when I’m on vacation with the family. We’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping that people will just send me stuff early (particularly since there’s now an extra week of 4.14),” said Linus Torvalds in the mailing list announcement.

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