Linux 4.14 ‘getting very core new functionality’ says Linus Torvalds

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Golden Linux penguin

Linus Torvalds has unsentimentally loosed release candidate one of Linux 4.14 a day before the 26th anniversary of the Linux-0.01 release, and told penguinistas to expect a few big changes this time around.

“This has been an ‘interesting’ merge window,” Torvalds wrote on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. “It’s not actually all that unusual in size – I think it’s shaping to be a pretty regular release after 4.13 that was smallish. But unlike 4.13 it also wasn’t a completely smooth merge window, and honestly, I _really_ didn’t want to wait for any possible straggling pull requests.”

Hence the Saturday release, instead of his usual Sunday.

Torvalds also says this merge window included “some unusual activity.”

“For example, on the x86 VM side, 4.14 doesn’t just have_one_ new core memory management feature, but three: 5-level page tables, ASID support (it’s called ‘PCID’ on x86 for reasons that are not good) and the AMD memory encryption support. So the fact that we had a few hiccups is very understandable, and in fact it should amaze everybody just how smoothly the 5-level page table code integration seems to have gone, for example.”

“So 4.14 is getting some very core new functionality.” With this version of the kernel also earmarked as 2017’s version to receive Long-Term Stable (LTS) status, the additions are therefore unusually significant.

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