How many of your games run on Linux?

Jonathan MathewsPublic

How many of your games run on Linux?

Gamer? Check. Linux user? Check.

For years, one of the top excuses I heard from friends who would otherwise have switched to Linux long ago is that they just couldn’t give up their Windows-only games. I can empathize. I was a dual-booter for years for exactly this reason, and it made making the switch harder for me. After all, once I’m booted into one operating system, the temptation is to stay there rather than rebooting once gameplay is over.

Today, the landscape is far different. It’s much easier than it used to be for a gamer to be a Linux user, and vice versa.

Development tools like the Unity game engine have made cross-platform development easier. But advancements haven’t just occurred on the proprietary side; Open source enthusiasts can be thankful for the Godot engine and other similar tools providing a cross-platform publishing experience under an open license.

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