Free and Open Source Skype Alternative Ring 1.0 Released!

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Ring : An Open Source alternative to Skype

Brief: Ring, Open Source alternative to Skype, has reached its first stable release. Have a look at how to install and use Ring.

Ring is a free and open source cross platform software featuring instant messaging, free unlimited calling with call recording, media sharing with multiple audio codecs support and audio and video conferencing.

Ring 1.0 has been released officially after months of development and is available for GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS and Android. It’s one of the best alternatives for Skype for Linux systems. And yes, it is GNU certified free software.

Developed and maintained by Savoir-faire Linux, Ring does not rely on a centralized server to communicate and uses a distributed hash table where it creates its own network to distribute directory functions, authentication and encryption over the systems that are connected to it; much like BitTorrent network. This equips you with a layer of privacy where monitoring of your communication and keeping track of your activities within the software is not possible.

Ring features

Let’s see the main features Ring has to offer.

  • Ring works with 40 characters RingID which is used to connect with each other. No one without having your RingID can contact you. Once you create a Ring account, you can get the RingID and share it with your friends.
  • Ring acts as an instant messenger where you can connect with your friends and family and share media files.
  • It allows free unlimited audio and video calls with conferencing and call recording. Other features include automatic call answering and searchable call history.

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