DuZeru OS: As Easy as It Gets

Jonathan MathewsPublic

There are seemingly countless Linux distributions on the market, each one hoping to carve out its own little niche and enjoy a growing user base. Some of those distributions have some pretty nifty tricks up their sleeves, while others are gorgeous works of art on the desktop. Still, others go to great lengths to simply be a desktop distribution capable of making Linux a simple experience, with a hint of elegance.

It’s that latter form in which DuZeru OS lives. This take on Linux is developed in Brazil and is based on the Debian stable branch. The default desktop (out of the box) is xfce 4.12.1, which helps to make DuZeru a serious contender in the lightweight Linux distribution arena.
You won’t find much information about DuZeru OS, because it’s relatively new. Nor will you find much in the way of documentation. Fortunately, that’s okay, as DuZeru OS is as straightforward a Linux distribution as you will find. The added bonus is that the developers have created a desktop that is incredibly easy on the eyes and just as easy on the mind. It’s not a challenge to install or to use. It just is.

That, in and of itself, makes reviewing such a distribution a challenge, as it doesn’t really go too far out of its way to differentiate itself from others. However, that also makes it a great contender for the average user.

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