Docker strives for profit with new Enterprise Edition

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Docker has released Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE), a Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform for managing and securing Windows, Linux, and mainframe containerized applications across multiple platforms both on premises and in the cloud.

DEE provides a container management platform that unites Windows, Linux, and Mainframe apps on a single platform on the same cluster. This puts in competition with container orchestration market leader Kubernetes. Docker’s program provides customizable and flexible access control for Bring Your Own (BYO) environments, support for a broad range of applications and infrastructure types, and new capabilities for creating predefined policies that unify and automate the software supply chain.

DEE is a re-branding and re-positioning of Docker’s commercial platform. It combines what had been known as Docker Commercially Supported edition and Docker Datacenter platform. The first version of DEE appeared in March. Since then, Docker has released a monthly Community Edition (CE) version. Features, which prove their worth in the CE, are then released inside Dee.

The new release, DEE 17.06, is built on Docker CE 17.06. It also includes several what had been Docker Datacenter features such as a private Docker registry and management interface.

DEE comes in basic, standard, and advanced tiers. Docker also launched a certification program so third parties can integrate with its framework and sell software on the Docker Store.

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