Docker Opens Up to Support Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Jonathan MathewsPublic

Solomon Hykes Dockercon EU 17

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—There’s been a lot of adoption of Kubernetes in the last few years, and as of Oct. 17 the open-source container orchestration technology has one more supporter. Docker Inc. announced at its DockerCon EU conference here that it is expanding its Docker platform to support Kubernetes.

Docker had been directly competing against Kubernetes with its Swarm container orchestration system since 2015. The plan now is to provide a seamless platform that supports a heterogenous deployment that can include both Swarm and Kubernetes clusters.

“Docker adapts to you because it’s open,” Docker founder Solomon Hykes said during his keynote address at DockerCon.

Orchestration is what allows organizations to deploy applications as a distributed deployment, according to Hykes. Hykes noted that while Swarm, which is tightly integrated with the overall Docker platform, was built to be easy to use and has worked well in many deployments, not everyone uses it. As such, he said the overall Docker platform has restricted the choice for users who want a full Docker experience, as Swarm has been the default choice.

“I’m really excited to announce that the next version of Docker will support two orchestrators—Swarm and Kubernetes—surprise!” Hykes said as the audience erupted into a loud round of applause.

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