Service Level Agreements

DcData’s maintenance plans have been designed to reduce overall Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure, ensure maximum performance, redundancy and uptime, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. By utilizing solutions from leading vendors, DcData provides an expertise and maintenance program that addresses the following crucial areas of your server’s operation:

Offsite configuration backup

The DcData backup system ensures that your Linux server’s crucial services are automatically backed up. This includes users, groups, passwords, databases, firewall configuration, webserver configuration etc.

  • Remote ‘bit-level’ backup reduces bandwidth utilisation

  • Supports incremental backups & compression

  • Web-based administration

  • Backup failure notifications

  • Individual user/administrator logons

  • Ability to browse, view and download files in backup

  • Backup summary information

  • Simple backup restoration process

  • Automatic ageing of backups

  • Encryption of confidential data

Server Monitoring

DcData’s enterprise-grade monitoring solution monitors the various aspects of your Linux server. This includes host uptime, CPU utilization, drive space, network utilization, service availability etc.

  • Web-based administration

  • Individual web-based user logons

  • Email notification of failed services

  • Graphical representation of monitored items

  • Customizable graphs of monitored items

  • Customizable linked maps and diagrams

Critical updates & monitoring & installation

DcData continuously checks for vulnerabilities, fixes and software updates and deploys them to your Linux server at no extra cost.
This ensures that your server is secure and running efficiently at all times.

  • Server operating system vendor patches

  • 3rd party application patches

  • Patching of custom services and script

Priority access to DcData helpdesk

Support queries may be logged telephonically or via email to DcData’s support center. DcData’s internationally recognized web-based helpdesk system tracks ticket history and status.

  • 0860-1-LINUX share call number reduces long distance charges

  • After hours support available by request

  • Email notification of support ticket updates

Bundled Support

DcData understands that all servers, including Linux servers require regular maintenance and offer this day-to-day maintenance at a discounted cost. The number of hours may be customized, depending on your organizations requirements, and allocated to common tasks

  • Basic user administration

  • Firewall changes

  • Email alias changes

  • Basic website administration

  • Basic database maintenance

Guaranteed response times

DcData commits to providing a world-class support service by backing up our promise with a Service Level Agreement. This may be customized to suit your requirements depending on your organization’s support requirements:

  • Bronze (6 hour maximum response time)

  • Silver (4 hour maximum response time)

  • Gold (2 hour maximum response time)

  • Platinum (1 hour maximum response time)

Preferential hardware pricing and extended warranty option

DcData offers additional discounts and extended warranties on DcData services and server hardware to existing Service Agreement clients. Hardware is optionally backed by the vendor (normally HP or DELL) by one of the following support options:

  • Same business day onsite support

  • Next business day onsite support